Joel Ormsby, Artist/Photographer


Quick facts​

Location - Kent, England​

Education - BA (Hons) Applied Social Sciences and Media Studies, Post Graduate Education degree

Religious/political views - People power

Influences - Monty Python/Terry Gilliam, Dali, Terry Pratchett, John Lennon, Johnny Depp, my mum.

Hobbies - Travel, photography, collage, bike riding, collage and montage making, charity, volunteering, reading, socialising.

Technology of choice - Canon Rebel camera, Adobe Photoshop


Joel is a self trained artist from Kent, England. He started off making collage in 2001 after getting a small feature in a Loaded magazine collage making challenge. During his early work he experimented with several different collage making techniques involving words and images. Paper collage led to an interest in digital collage, and digital collage led to an interest in stock photography.

Joel has been influenced by classical art, sc-fi, surrealism, and the absurdist satire of Terry Gilliam from the TV show Monty Python. However the main influence and starting point for all of Joel's work is, simply put, the landscapes, people, and resources around at the time of creation. There is a fairly large size Asian influence in his work as a result of living in Thailand for several years. The traditional imagery and vivid colours of Thai art and culture have had a big influence on Joel's more recent work.

Joel is in first phase of his artistic career and has had a few pictures displayed and published online. Two of his collages have been bought and displayed in the Butterfly Bar Lopburi, one of his collages was used as a CD cover and one digital collage was even stolen and advertised as a tattoo design! Joel's photographs have been used on many blogs and websites. Please keep visiting for updates and artistic developments.

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